What We Do

We at Richard’s Fruit and Veg pride ourselves in quality and the freshest produce. We offer a wide range of seasonal produce and have a great range of local suppliers providing you with fruit, vegetables, fish and meat.

We work very closely with local farmers, growers and butchers bringing you the freshest produce some of which is cut or picked and packed that day. We have an in depth knowledge of local suppliers and you can be sure that we will be up early collecting and delivering fruit and veg to your door.

We deliver locally to the general public, shops and restaurants. We can cater for all your fresh produce needs including everyday fruits and vegetables, exotics and a wide range of locally grown produce. With our comprehensive knowledge of fruit and veg and friendly staff, you can be sure that you will be buying the best and freshest produce that we can lay our hands on.

Why we don’t use plastic?
Single use plastic are everywhere and we want to change the way we use our wrappings.

Alongside fruit and vegetables we sell eggs (duck and quail included), flowers, fish and seafood. We have two shops located in Harbour Road in Par and at Par Market.